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Leon Laudenbach: Home


Stearns County in central Minnesota is the butt of many jokes. Most of them are based in truth, such as the fact that people think we are all intermarried and related. Except for Leon, it is a fact that he comes from a good blood line of Austrian and German descendants. So if you want to poke in his background it is zipped up as tight as a frog’s ass. This gives Leon the blues being lumped in with a bunch of carpet bagging Neanderthals makes it a hard road to travel when you got to get a message out. That message comes from the deep quandary of thick muse that rears its ugly head in his songs. It’s all there all you got to do is drink the Kool-Aid and have a listen.

Welcome to the new and improved home of all information and skewered sometime s not so factual tidbits and useful news on the whereabouts and happenings of  BEGGARS DANCE, JAKE and LEE DUO, and all current projects that have something to do with me. Projects that will be recorded from this time on will go under the Beggars Dance Logo. 

Beggars Dance

Mother Pearls Love Letters (trailer to upcoming audio book)

67 Fairlane Taboo Blue