Welcome to the Dark Ages: CD

Welcome to the Dark Ages: CD

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New CD Welcome to the Dark Ages

Beggars Dance 

Beggars Dance is Sparky Anderson, Harp and Vocal
                              Steve Shifsky, Drums and Vocal
                              Jake Larson, Bass and Vocal
                              Leon Laudenbach, Guitar and Vocal

Cover photo for the Cd and Book Mother Pearls Love Letters 

Mother Pearls Love Letters is novel about both side of a mirror, people living in the physical realm and the spirit world with hallucinating effects of red delicious apples. Music that ties this story together is being prepared for a possible fall release of 2014. Thats a pic of my daughter Dayna by the way.

Leon Laudenbach

Green Mill

Mother Pearls Film Trailer

Mother Pearls Love Letters

This project has been in the works for a few years now. It started out as a song title like any other tune that I wrote. You have to start with something. It turned in to this book with a music CD that will come with it. Randy Mickelberg added a movie soundtrack that goes with the audio book. I learned a few things along the way. Hoping that this will see the light soon.


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